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122 Western Ave
Lowell, MA 01852



What's your aesthetic?

Although I'm a stickler when it comes to the classics and tradition — I'd definitely consider myself as a modern classic photographer. 


Are shoots better indoor or outdoor?

That answer is solely based on your personal preference and the scenery required. Both indoor and outdoor sessions can be done on-site.

May I have all the unedited photos?

All of the photos presented to you will be fully edited with either color retouching, photoshopping or both. When I go through your session I'll select all the usable frames for editing and will omit any unflattering photos. Dark, blurry or midway shots with closed eyes would all fall under that category. As for the unedited photos, they will not be available for access nor will you have ownership. This is a common practice that protects my artistry like many others.

What should I wear?

What you wear is large factor in what makes a great photo. Why? Because it helps you embody your best self and gives you the confidence you'll need to perform. Whether the shoot is casual or ultra glamorous, I very much would like to give you my input. Having worked in the fashion industry for over 13+ years, I have an aesthetic that I hope you would trust. So let's discuss what you should wear or inquire for a style guide!

What's happens if I'm late arriving for my session?

I always try to give extra time just in case you arrive late. My goal is to never stack photo shoots too closely together to avoid these mishaps — things happen. However I can not guarantee additional time. In this case, it would cut into your session time and won't be prorated.

Can I include my pets?

Of course! I know how much you love your pets, so please have them along for the photo shoot. My studio is pet friendly as well.

How do you conduct your wedding consultations?

One-on-one consultations have become difficult to schedule due to shooting and editing. Therefore it's become more convenient to have you fill out a wedding questionnaire that helps me get to know you better! Through my social medias (Facebook & Instagram), website & blog I try to be as transparent as possible so you have an understanding of who I am. But if  required we can definitely schedule an appointment.

Are you affiliated with Booth Domain?

Yes. I'm one of the co-founders alongside Nina, Debi and Sarath. This is the perfect self-serve, user-friendly photo booth for any event! And all Thara & Nina Wedding clients are eligible for a 10% discount as well.

O P E N   B Y   A P P O I N T M E N T   O N L Y

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